2012 NCHA Futurity top 20 predictions

A couple of years I wrote a ditty predicting the top 20 finalsists at that years futurity 2010 I think it was.The end result wasn’t too bad I think I got 14 of the 20 right and the winner was in there too. So I thought I’d have another go at it. I’ll do this as a process of elimination. 

The first thing I’ll look at are the jockeys. I only want the top twenty so firstly I’ll pick out the top 20 money earning riders. They are listed below. You may note that I actually have listed 21, that is because Clint Allen is here and there are two slots that havn’t been allocated riders. So Clint could be a catch rider. 

Clint Allen – $3,137,020.72
John Mitchell – $2,825,969.36
Todd Graham – $1,411,091.03
Aaron Wheatley – $1.057,080.57
Graham Amos – &699,295.46
Rob Hodgeman – $651,768.83
Corey Holden – $586,964.42
Phil Dawson – $485,484.70
Dean Holden – $463,305.15
Ian Bush – $262,898.54
Frank Green – $237,438.67
Heath Sinclair – $236,034.25
Graham Lamey – $220,484.35
Fred Johnson – $177,499.64
Scoot Campbell – $155,290.76
Alan Edgar – $134,985.45
Wayne Baumann – $119,710.74
Richard Webb – $89,940.32
Phil Conaghan – $87,965,01
Troy Randell – $79,964.56
Grant Quigley – $78,548.52

Using this criteria we are now left with 62 entries. Last time I used the Dams NCHA earnings and this seemed to have left out a few good horses so this time I’ll go with the sires earnings to see what we can come up with. There are currently 26 sires represented in the top 62 so lets cull that down to the top 20 Sires.

Firstly according to the Qhorses website there are 7 Stallions in the All time top 20 Leading sires of NCHA money earners representes at this years futurity. They are in no particular order, Racketeer Cat, Dual Rey, Peptos Stylish Oak, Acres Destiny, Intricatolena, Smart Little Scotty and Instant Dulce. In the All Time Leading Sires of Futurity winners I can add another 2 and they are Sophisticated Cat and Bank Fulo CDees. Going through all the lists I can also add another 8 stallions mentioned, Catskills, Reyn Storm, TR Dual Rey, WR This Cats Smart, Teles Again and Cat Silver. So now the progeny of 15 Stallions has been selected. 5 to go. Taking into consideration the freshman sires One Stylish Pepto and Destinys Mr Chic I decided to go with highest money earned. On this basis the 5 remaining slots were filled with One Stylish Pepto, Lectric Playboy, Destinys Mr Chic, Peptoboonsmal and Bobs Hickory Rio. We are now down to 52.

Next step the Dam. Once again we’ll take a look through the QHorses stats. From these lists we have found our first ten horses. So our first twelve finalists could be A LITTLE TURPULENCE, DARA COCOAS PREVIEWS TR, STYLISH LADY LENA, LIL REY OF HOPE, LOOKS LIKA CAT, HUMDUCKER, OH HELL YEAH, TELES ONE MOORE, WINDERADEEN SHORTONREYN, EB S EUCALYPT, PARRAWEENA SUNBURST and TURPENTINE STORM.

To finish off our top twenty I have picked the mares who have won the most money in their cutting careers. So the last eight spots will be filled by EB S BUFFELREY, SINGING IN THE REYN, STYLISH MISS MOLLY, A PINK PANTHER, PEPTOS FIRE QUACKER, ONE LUCKY BREAK, MISS HATHAWAY and FULO MAGIC.

Ok lets see how it goes today.

Ok ten more to go lets take a look at the rest and find the Dams that have earned the most money.