“Buster goes Draftin”

After earning over $100,000 in the cutting pen the imported son of Lena’s Telesis is now turning heads in the “camp”.

In his first 15 outings in the campdraft arena Teles Again has scored over 84 in 11 outings, already winning a Maiden the impressive Quarter Horse stallion is now a Novice Horse.

“We’re extremely impressed with his ability”, says Jackie Knudsen from Kilbeggan Performance Horses. “He’s just a natural, he is a real smooth natural galloper in a circle and finds it extremely easy to change direction at speed, we’re really excited”.

The Knudsens went to Tamworth this year in hope of finding a Colt in the Select Sale to train as a drafter. “We were outbid on every horse we wanted, during the futurity we got to talking to John and Hope Mitchell (Teles Again’s owners) and they said why don’t you take “Buster”?”.

Ken and Jackie were delighted with Teles Agains ability from day one. Originally his first competition was earmarked for the Winton Draft, but the Knudsens couldn’t wait that long.   They decided to debut him at Paradise Lagoons. In his very first competitive run he scored an 87 and made the finals.  Teles Again became a Novice Horse in only his fourth run.

Ken and Jackie Knudsen aren’t the only ones impressed with “Buster” . Campdrafting legend Terry Hall, who has won just about anything there is to win in campdrafting, rates the stallion very highly.

In his freshman year as a sire Teles Again sired three finalists at the recent Goondiwindi Futurity and has two progeny competing in the states. Hope Michell says “My mare, She’s Playin Cricket has earned $22,000 this year and Telet N My Ear has earned $34,000. My 2 mares are the only offspring I have going over here. We only serviced our personal mares for 1 season before sending him to Australia”.  The Mitchell’s are very excited to have him exposed to the campdraft community.  “John is sure Teles Again will be producing champions in many areas because he has that special something that will be great for cutters or drafters.  He is an amazing animal and I pray he does well there”. 

With the campdrafting community now looking for an outcross for the hugely popular Acres Destiny horses, Teles Again’s emergence in the campdrafting arena could be a timely one. It is beleived that many, including Bruce McNaughton, beleive that Teles Agin will be the next big sire in Campdrafting.

 He will be standing at the Hawkins Equine Breeding centre in Tamworth for the 2011 breeding season.