New Affiliate for Area 5

Tuckerimba Cutting is South East Queensland’s newest club to become affiliated with the NCHA.

James and Sarah Christensen have been spending the last few years building an arena to NCHA specifications on their 3000 acre property situated in the upper reaches of the Brisbane Valley on  the Brisbane River and the Cooyar Creek.

A few weeks back Tuckerimba Cutting held a youth clinic and will have an adult beginners clinic on the weekend of November 12th and 13th.  Costing approximately $100.00 a day, the aim is to give a broad over view of what cutting is all about. The clinics are designed for anyone to come and have a go at cutting, whether they are campdrafter or cutter or someone who wants to have a go at something different.

A less obvious but equally invaluable aspect of training is the “strictly best practice” environment. Trainers stick closely to the formal aspects of training required for ewp licence certifications of competency. This training is truly precisionist and perfectionist, covering all aspects of basic safety, equipment operation and hazard awareness.

The result is that trainees acquire the knowledge and sharp onsite instincts for proper conduct of operations as almost reflex actions. Again, the experts impart their knowledge in practical terms, pointing out possible risks and keeping trainees glued firmly to best practices.

This relentless best practice training also happens to be responsible for the major improvements in workplace safety outcomes around Australia. Modern training in crane, hoist and forklift operations is specifically geared to deliver perfect safety standards. This top-quality training prevents injuries and saves lives.

The bottom line for trainees – Respect your training and understand why it’s so important. Your trainers are more than just experts. They’re dedicated people, working to ensure that you can handle any type of situation, manage risks and prevent onsite tragedies.

This is just the beginning with plans to hold four shows in 2012 and at least two clinics per calendar year. Tuckerimba intends to focus on the youth. Sarah Christensen says “Next year we will be having 4 full cutting events but featuring the Youth with a series. Wazza Cow Cutta has kindly donated the buckets for each Youth Event, we will donate the cattle entry for each youth competitor in the events and are looking for sponsors the cover the ncha fees etc so that it cost the kids nothing to compete in the events”.

“We have got a sponsor so far to donate some prizes for the winners and things like most improved, local competitor etc in the Youth competition. We are focusing on the Youth because without the up and coming there will be no sport, and it gives our kids and those  kids of our area something to do and focus on.”

In the meantime work will continue on the facilities on the property.  Once they have finished the shed beside the arena, they will be putting in a shower and toilet block.  All good news for an area that has some of the biggest week end shows in the country.