In the second instalment of this editorial we look at how the Four Year Old’s performed at the recent Landmark Classic Sale.

May I reiterate that  the figures I am quoting are not the official Landmark figures but are figures I have correlated from the Landmark Sale results, posted on the Landmark website. The following figures are a guide and if you are after the official numbers contact the Landmark sales team.

In all there was a total of 142 Four year old’s at this years sale. 77.47% were sold for a mean average of $17,068.18. Visit www.purplepayday.loan/installment-loans/ to learn more about fiance. The top priced four year old was Ducks Dual a cutting bred mare which sold for $73,000.

52 four year old’s had full cutting bloodlines. 69.23% of these horses went under the hammer at an average of $21,125. Nearly $4,000 above the all Four year old’s total mean average.

If we look at the Four year old stallions prices, in total there were only 8 presented in the sale ring with a clearance rate of 50% averaging $34,875. Six of these were cutting bloodlines which also had a clearance rate of 50% averaging $29,875,  $5,000 lower than the overall average. Top price four year old stallion was The Blue Eyed Cat a cutting bred horse at $56,000.

86 four year old mares were presented with a 79.07% clearance rate averaging $16,455.88. Of these only 27 were cutting bred with a lower clearance rate of 62.96% but a much higher average of $26,558.82, over $10,000 more than the overall four year old mares average.

In the geldings stakes, 46 went through with a 80.43% clearance rate averaging $11,459.46. $50,000 was the top priced four year old gelding,  the  camp draft bred Bulla Phoenix. In comparison there were 19 cutting bred four year old geldings, with a clearance rate of 84.21% averaging $11,843.75 slightly higher than the overall four year old gelding average.

Now it’s time to compare the median averages. To get to the following figures the prices were listed from highest to lowest and the price that sat in the middle of this group became the median average. The median average for all four year old’s was $12,000, $2,000 less than the median average for cutting bred horses which returned a value of $14,000.  All mares had a median average of $14,000, with the cutting bloodlines median average being $25,000. Four year old Geldings median average was $9,000 which was $1,500 less than the geldings with full cutting bloodlines at $10,500. There weren’t enough stallions to come up with a reliable median or mode average.

Those who are looking for mode averages which is the most common price paid for four year old’s,  overall it was $15,000, Four year old geldings had a mode average of $6,000 and four year old mares $15,000.

The numbers were too low to compare mode averages for the cutting bloodlines but for mares it was $6,500.

Next up we’ll look at all of the Three Year Old’s presented at this years Landmark Classic Sale.