If you haven’t heard that this years Landmark Classic sale was an outstanding success then you must have been living under a rock. But how did the Cutting Bred horses stack up against the Camp Draft bloodlines? Let’s take a look at the Open Aged Horses first.

Now before I get started on this little excercise let me be clear, whatever figures quoted in this editorial are not the official Landmark Sales figures. The numbers I will be quoting were taken from the  Landmark Sales results as posted on the Landmark Website. The figures that I use should just be seen as just a guide and not considered the gospel. If you are after the official figures then I suggest you contact the Landmark Sales Team. OK moving right along….. Open Aged Horses.

From the information that I have on hand, there were a total of 142 Open Aged Horses presented in the sale ring. 108 of those went under the hammer with a clearance rate of 76.06%. A total of $1,873,136 was paid with a mean average of $17,343.85. Highest price paid was $80,000 for the imported cutting bred stallion Desires Blue Trinity.

90 Open Aged mares were presented with a clearance rate of 72.22% and a mean average of $18,371.31. Top price for an Open Aged Mare was $60,000 for Little Diamond Hat. Once again a cutting bred horse. Now for this article when I refer to a horse as having cutting bloodlines, they must have been sired by a Cutting bred Stallion and be out of a cutting bred mare. Any horses who don’t have cutting bloodlines top and bottom are in my view considered to be bred for the Camp Draft/ Challenge market.

Now moving onto to the Open Aged Geldings. There were 42 of these with a clearance rate of 88.1% and a mean average of $11,108.11. Top price was $25,000 for Willdraft Atomic a gelding bred for Campdraft/Challenge.

The 11 Stallions presented had a 63.63% clearance rate averaging $38,285.71. As mentioned previously Desires Blue Trinity a cutting bred stallion topped this category at $80,000.

When we compare the mean averages of cutting bred horses compared to the overall average of these Open Aged Horses we see a similar result.
In total there were 65 open aged cutting bred horses presented for sale. The clearance rate was lower at 70.76% compared to 76.06% for all horses. However the overall average for Cutting bred horses was higher at $20,391.30 just under $3,000 more than the total average of open aged horses.

Cutting bred stallions also out priced the rest with an average of $39,400 slightly higher than the overall average with a clearance rate of 71.43%.

45 Cutting bred mares had a clearance rate of 64.45%  averaging $21,258.62. Once again almost $3,000 higher than average for all Open Aged Mares.

The cutting bred open aged geldings averaged $10,375.00 this was around $800 less than the total average for open aged geldings, however the clearance rate was higher at 92.31%.

Now all the above figures are quoted as a mean average, this is achieved by adding all the purchase prices together and dividing that sum by the number of horses sold.

Those of you who have been visiting this website over the years will know that I also like to present things a little bit out of the norm and I intend to do this now. There are two other ways of looking at averages they are the Median average and the Mode average.  When we look at the median average we list all horses in order of price from lowest to highest and then find the price that sits smack bang in the middle of that list.

For all Open aged horses the Median Average was $13,500 some $2,500 lower than the median average for cutting bred horses of $16,000.

Cutting bred mares had a median average of $16,000 some $3,000 higher than the overall figures. Cutting bred Geldings had a Median average of $8,500, $1,000 lower than the overall median average. Cutting bred stallions had a Median Average of $20,000 some $15,000 lower than the total median average of $35,000.

The last way of looking at averages is the Mode Average. This simply is the most common price paid. So if  for example more horses sold for $15,000 then that would be the mode average. In this case we can only compare the the overall Mode average as there were no standout figures when I looked at cutting bred Mares, Geldings ans Stallions on thier own. The Mode average for all Open Aged Horses was $10,000. For all open Aged Cutting Horses the Mode average was double that at $20,000.

For those who are curious the Mode Average for all Mares was $20,000 and $8,000 was the most common price paid for open aged geldings.

I don’t know about you, but my head is spinning from all these numbers so I’ll leave it there for now . My next installment will be the four year olds. See you next time.