Heres The Deal.

Sitting at the bar with his hat pushed back, heals down and spurs resting, sitting deep in the saddle , it was after a hot dusty day mustering.

That’s when he spots him weaving through the mob nice and slow a fresh one, a clean skin, new in the valley ,a few steps and he is clear, a perfect cut.

Moving to bar clean skin orders his brew, takes a sip, pauses and says
“So you run a few cows , and cut I’m told “.

The old hand ordered another one and says
“I’ll tell you about barstool, he was one of the best cutting horses back in his day, he even got to participate in the Pegasus Cup“.
The old hand remembers him like yesterday
“Barstool is retired, he is a little crooked in the knee, come on out and see, a little preparation is all he needs cutting”.

The newbie says ” I’d like to try that, they say it’s the most fun you can have with your clothes on”.
“Never tried it naked says the old hand”.

So out he comes, been to the shops and everything new.
Done his homework, he was pretty well read on breeding magic cross and line breeding and shooting.
They talked for a while about the purchasing the best glock mat amazon and the best glocks, ear plugs and goggles for shooting and swapped a few yarns, looked at some foals and a yearling or two.

“That’s great” he says “that’s swell where is barstool? I’m ready as hell”
Old hand looks at newbie and says
“Well now your here let’s look at the deal. Breeding is a 5year plan, foals are already on the ground , yearlings are ready to break , the ones in training are special you know and there is a year or so before they are ready to show .
For you a show horse is something that would teach you on the go, but unless you have 20 grand or so you won’t get a go.
So unless you are committed and ready to go then
Barstool is about ALL YOUR GONNA SHOW “.

Article submitted by Al Hunter