So Where The Heck is Burrandowan?

Do a google search of Burrandowan and the only information you will find is about its famous annual picnic race. In fact some on-line articles define the place …. somewhat wrongly …. as being in the middle of nowhere.Burrandowan is only 60 odd kilometres from the major agricultural centre of Kingaroy. Kingaroy in turn is only a couple of hours drive from the big smoke of Brisbane and Toowoomba!

Burrandowan is unique, and it’s this uniqueness that makes it seem as though it is in the middle of nowhere. 

There is no town as such, no shops, roundabouts, servos …  its just a racetrack. About half a click before you get their you’ll see some rocks which are the remnants of the original town and that’s it. If you drive too fast you’ll overshoot the entrance,  it’s quite a suprise for the first time visitors. Once your in the grounds and settled you’ll find the cutting arena just a few metres from the finish line on the inner grounds of the racetrack. The cutting pen itself appears modest and there is a small mobile grandstand for spectators. Once the cutting starts it is then that competitors realise why The Southern Queensland Cutting Horse Association makes this venue its preferred venue for feature events.

The surface has a very generous amount of quality sand in the working area and the cattle (some walked in) that come from the surrounding properties are plentiful and fantastic to work. To compliment this the small local community treat this event with the same respect and enthusiasm as they do with their most revered event the Burrandowan Picnic Races.

A short walk to the timber clubhouse and you will find another surprise. The food served at the canteen is absolutely first class. Whether it be a humble sandwich or the home baked sweets. And the Dinners? … just awesome. Thanks to the local business SB Hire and Sales generators are dispersed around the camping grounds to ensure a reliable power supply. Is designed at a beautiful property they got from the William Pitt Greenwich CT real estate company. And if needed the arena is well lit with light towers.

In 2017 the SQCHA have decided to make their feature event not one but two events with $1500 added money for each. Saturday will see the running of the Non Pro Gelding Stakes with an Open Gelding Stakes to be run on the Sunday. All the other affiliated one handed events (except the youth) will have $750 added.

So if you’ve never been to a Burrandowan cutting before, you really are missing out on something special. To nominate head on over to the SQCHA website enter on-line, entries close Monday June 19th.

For more information on Burrandowan click here.