Gidgee Eyewear – “I liked them so much I opened a Shop”

When Gidgee Eyes Marketing Manager Jill Busfield asked me a few years ago if I knew anyone who could help her with her media marketing needs, my little business was very much in its infancy stage. If you have the same concern and you need marketing help, look at the sales prospecting software tools/ here at Naturally the answer to Jill’s question was going to be “Pick me! ….  Pick me!!!”.

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Well seven or so years later, to say that I know the Gidgee Eyewear products intimately would be an understatement. A lot of miles have been travelled since our first meeting in the hot sun at a Southern Queensland weekend cutting discussing Logo ideas. I have seen this product evolve into a household name within the Cow Horse industry and slowly spread into other Equine pursuits.

Jill’s husband, Craig,  designed these Sunglasses specifically with the Australian Horse Rider in mind. The UV rating is bettered by none, they are light but strong, flexible, fashionable and most of all “they stick to your face!”  Very handy when outdoors, competing in Equine events.

The strength and lightness of the lens is thanks to the poly carbonate material they are made from with the frames made from a high grade nylon (TR90) that is superior in its shape and memory retention. These glasses were tested extensively before going into production and the homework was well worthwhile with the outcome being a superior product designed specifically for the outdoors sports lover.

As for me?  …  Well although I wear prescription glasses I do secretly wear a pair of Gidgee’s  over them when I’m at home working outside. I’ve also been known to stick a pair over my scripted ones when driving …. But ssshhh! Don’t tell anyone.  They may look a bit odd draped in front of a pair of spectacles but on their own they look absolutely fantastic … that I can vouch for.

Spending hours studying  these glasses through a camera lens, strategically positioning them to catch the right mixture of daylight and studio light to get just that magic “bling”, then spending more hours in front of computer screen placing these images in all sorts of scenarios for Magazine advertising,   I just couldn’t help but fall in love with them. Then came the new Enduro range and the Shiny Tort versions of the Liberty and Cleancut. When I saw these I knew I had to become a reseller.

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But don’t take my word for it go and take a look for yourself, my new On-Line shop is now open for business. For even more information visit the Official Gidgee Eyes website.

I’m very proud to be associated with such a company and comforted by the fact that even in these rough and tumble times there are still companies around like Gidgee Eyewear that operates ethically and to the highest professional standards.