Take Ownership Of The NCHA.

That is the message that recently elected President Ron Perel is sending to all NCHA members.

Since Ron was given the role of Chairman of Non Pros some four or five years ago, he has made  no secret of his  disappointment at the lack of input from the majority of the NCHA membership. Just before last years AGM Ron made it very clear at his disgust that only 20% of the membership voted in the board members elections.

So what does this lack of membership input mean? It could be one of a few things:
 (1) The majority of the membership are happy with the job the NCHA is doing.
(2) The majority of the membership didn’t like any of the candidates or
(3) The majority of the membership just want to go cutting.

Whatever the reasons the repercussions are pure and simple …. the membership gets the board that they deserve. If you’re happy with the current board and the decisions that have been made great. If you’re not then vote with your feet.

In this months Presidents report posted in the Cutting Horse Chatta Perel states:

“We (the board) will not be coerced or forced by a certain minority of members who believe that resorting to abuse or intimidation can further their case”. 

It would interesting to know whether this vocal “minority” are also the same “minority” that votes for the NCHA board of directors year in year out.

It has been the attitude of the NCHA for many years now that if you have a problem or issue then by all means speak up, but at the same time offer suggestions or solutions that can be discussed at Board Meetings. On the subject of  “abuse and intimidation” good point Ron. The NCHA board and staff members deserve to be treated with some respect and likewise the NCHA membership deserves the same respect in return. If a member contacts a Staff or board member with a grievance and presents that in a non confrontational manner then they are worthy of the same respect and do not deserve to be branded as whingers or treated disrespectfully. In turn if someone within the sport voices his or her opinion that dosn’t  gel with the mindset of the current NCHA board, then that individual should not be subjected to “abuse and intimidation” from any NCHA staff or board member or their spouses for that matter. Its a two way street.

It takes a very special person to take on a role within the NCHA  board, first and foremost these people should take on these roles because they genuinely believe that that have something to offer the sport of cutting without having a personal agenda. However they also need to realise that by placing themselves on the board they are exposing themselves to criticism when decisions are made that aren’t universally accepted by the membership. If a board member has problems with facing criticism then he probably shouldn’t be on the Board. Did you notice I said he …. maybe its time for a woman’s perspective, come on ladies…. any takers?